Another busy day. I actually got quite a bit done. I left early for coffee, I need turmeric and vinegar for the bread and butter pickles, quick before it gets hot. Bucky’s coffee, chicken legs, beef, and pork and beans on sale, 2 buckets of 24 waters also on sale, I’ll use them. To Shelton’s for bulk turmeric and some green beans. Halfway home I remembered I need jar lids, U turn to Garrett’s for lids and rings.

Back home I cooked up a hamburger steak and half a can of pork and beans, the other half will make lunch tomorrow.  I also fried up all the chicken legs with garlic powder and salt, 6 in baggie packs of 2 each, lunches, even good cold. I guess I’ll freeze a couple.

Pickle time, I drained the pickles and soaked them in water to leach out some of the salt, tastes good. As I pulled out Joy of Cooking the spark lighter fell out, wow, I’ve been missing that for a couple weeks, excellent. 4 cups vinegar, 4 cups sugar, mostly brown, 1 1/2 tsp turmeric, 1 1/2 tsp allspice, 1 1/2 tsp celery seeds, 2 Tblsp. mustard seeds, cut back a half spoon for Gary. 1/2 tsp cinnamon, skip the 1/2 tsp cloves. Bring it to a simmer as the canning water is coming to a boil. Sterilize everything tools and the lid/rings in the net bag stashed in the sterile colander. Jars in the oven at 215 F. Pickles in the juice brought back to a simmer. It’s time. Pull a jar with tongs, canning funnel on, ladle it in using a pan cover to collect the drips, sterile butter knife to fit it in and release the bubbles. A little more juice to cover, funnel off, wipe the rim for a good seal. Lid on, ring on, next jar, repeat. I got 5 and a half pints, saved a smaller cup jar for the end. Into the water bath 10 minutes. Toc, toc as the seals formed.

To the sander, I need to mount the big 2 HP motor. Only one hinge will fit the piece of plywood I have cut. I move the hing over to the center, using machine screws, nuts, washers and lock washers to secure the motor. Attaching the belt on the inside flat plywood disk I turned it on at a distance. It ran for awhile, then spit out the belt. I added a block of wood and a clamp to hold the motor level. That worked for a while, then spit the belt. More tension on the clamp kept it running, this thing runs way too fast, I’ll need a smaller motor drive pulley. I searched everywhere for my chisels, found them buried where they should be on the tool bench. I carved out a V notch and trued as much as I could of the wooden pulley wheel using a clamped 2 x 4 as a tool rest from the back side. I drilled and moved the long set screw to the inside to true the outer pulley wheel using the small chisel. I cut the 3/4 plywood to 15 3/4″ using the skill saw, sanded and glued it together with the last of the glue, clamped.

I opened up the motor electric wire, wrapped in tape. It’s crimped with blue through connectors. I cut the black line to insert the switch. I attached the switch box to the frame, but I’ll need some wire, switch plate screws, crimps, E tape, a new smaller 5/8 x 2″ pulley to slow it down. Back to Garrett’s I got all that and glue. Wires crimped in place, taped up and secured with electrical tape and E-staples, secure. The new 2″ pulley brought it down to a manageable RPM. The switch works.

I added hinges to the frame for the hinged table, marked the table position. Using a spare hinge I marked and drilled the screw locations, secured. The table is in place, needs Chin’s flooring to make it slick. It’s getting late, I add the MDF disks to see, they’ll need gluing. And the Velcro for looks, I have another roll.


The motor is scary strong, more than adequate, but will work fine geared down. Once the wheels are glued together and trued with sand paper, Velcroed, this machine will work fine for surfacing boards to make even flat parts for instruments and more. A new tool.

And a fine day.

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