Well I just undid it. We met at Sally’s, I found a nice tweed jacket, Raven found some cassettes for her car.

 I spent the day working on the bridge. I laid out a line on the body square to the edge of the bridge in pencil. I predrilled the bridge itself with a larger #15 drill twice in between the strings to fit the screw shank and countersunk them to fit the flat heads flush. I had to fudge the second hole angled a bit to get it centered as the bit wandered. Clamped in place but offset to clear the drill, I drilled the first hole with a smaller thread size bit. Screw in place, I moved the clamp and adjusted to the line. Drill the next hole, screwed in place. Alright.

I opened the electronics cavity after measuring the distance to the grounding bar hole to bottom edge of the guitar, marked, drilled with the largest number bit in my kit, not huge just under a 1/4″. I drilled the tiny wire hole with my #58 bit that matched the bridge ground hole.
I proceeded to thread the nickle grounding bar copper wire into the cavity. That was a mistake as the bridge still needs glue. The wire broke off anyway, I taped it to the counter and resoldered it in place. The second time it’s close to the right angle and position, it should work.
Raven’s been making amber and copper jewelry in the vardo.
We walked to the river and around in boots as it’s been a rainy day. Wow, there’s peas in the path, down the vines there are lots of pea pods. I picked a few to munch, to be revisited.
Time for Raven to head home with zucchinis. I boxed up the chicken soup I made for lunches.
I unscrew the bridge and glue it, re-screwed into place with water and towels to remove excess glue. Clamped OK. It’s been under for an hour, remove the clamp and measure with the square. Oh no, it’s not square, angled quite a bit. I get a wide chisel. There is a corner on the edge that didn’t get glue. It’s still early enough to wedge it off. I’ll just re sand the surfaces and re glue it square this time. I’m glad I caught it before the glue had fully set. Here is a picture just before I popped it apart.


I’ll need to fill the screw hole with some maple, realign and drill it right. probably re drill the thin wire tap. Be a good idea to fill that hole too so I don’t break any bits.

It’s a step back day, but I’ll get it right, I caught it on the edge of just in time.

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