ATT needed to fix my line. I worked on the guitar as I have the rest of the day off. I removed the components from the cardboard panel and placed it in the electronics cavity, marking the centers. I drilled the centers with a small bit to reach the outer surface. Using my new Forstner bits I drilled from the outside with a clean hole as Wayne suggested. A small 1/4″ for the switch and three more 3/8″ for the pots and jack. The wood is too thick, it needs more routing. Break out the router, remove the flat panel pattern jig. Tape the pickup wires out of the way removing the easy one. I routed it down measuring through to the front to get a good depth.
Once done, oh shit, the components have locating pins to keep them straight and I don’t have much room for pin holes. Measured and lightly drilled, one went through, filed them to fit. Oh well, the pick guard will cover it.
The components are in!
I need to remove them for finishing lacquer, but in place is good. I also finished installing the pickups, note the screws in place. There is a lot of fuzzy stuff from routing I need to cut and sand.
A trip to town for mail, some brass screws. I drilled and countersunk the back panel holes, larger on the cedar to clear the screw shaft. It’s in but needs sanding to remove the super glue.
 I did that too with 220 grit. Mostly there.
I considered the bridge, but that needs all surfaces ready to lacquer finish before I glue it and screw into place (with the new brass screws). I did sand the rosewood bridge to 600 grit in preparation. Much done.
A chicken thigh fry with steamed lemon asparagus and nuked buttered potato for lunch tomorrow, Freija’s day, Friday. Back to it after taxes I need to file this weekend. A productive guitar day half off.

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