3/27/2016 Easter


A fun day with a hitch. I met Raven in Sebastapol at Whole Foods. We took a walk over to Tailor Maid Coffee for a fine cup. They roast it right there, the good stuff.

Another vardo went by, we walked towards it and it disappeared, reappearing later, we got to check it out inside. I should have taken a picture. A nice vardo, bow top style with double dutch doors and a partial clear roof for plenty of light. A small propane stove with sink, bed, a wood stove, nice storage beneath. A small one but comfortable. Well made.

We did the farmers market, a fun one with crafts and food booths, of course the veggies. I picked up some fresh celery and garlic. We stopped by the Goodwill store where I found a nice Corning Ware lasagna pot for next weeks potluck at work. A deep dish square ceramic pot that will fit in the microwave at work, perfect for what I need. We stopped back to Whole Foods where I bought more tomato sauce Marinara, more lasagna O noodles and some baby spinach as I think a vegetarian small glass bread pan I have would be a nice addition.  

Down the road to Raven’s new house, a simple place, main room with comfy air bed and separate futon couch,  lace covered table, small computer bench. Nice little kitchen, hand made cabinets by the landlord, nicely done. Bathroom with a shower and a bucket to preserve the water as it gets hot. Out back is a yoga room and a wonderful garden. Plenty of raised beds, onions, a lot of garlic, leeks, fava beans to plow under, asparagus in it’s glory this season. The compost bins are perfect. These people worked hard for such beauty. I met Henna, the land lady, she let me have a fine leek. Nice pad Raven, for a short time. We headed for my place home.

Dishes done, laundry in the dryer as Raven arrived. Jamin, the neighbor’s grandson stopped by, he’d like to make a wooden sword. I find a nice scrap piece of birch plywood 1 1/2″ wide, should work well. A sharpened pencil on the lapidary grinder sets him well.

I’m thinking I have a leek, potato leek soup. The net kicks a recipe, to modify. It would be better with bacon, I cook up a batch chopped crisp, drained aside. Just a little grease. Potatoes, mostly golds and two, a russet and a red, peeled, the leek less the tough leaves chopped. I planted the sprouting potato eyes in the garden as I gathered an herb garni of thyme, oregano, rosemary, parsley and sage. All in with free range chicken broth to simmer.

I helped Jamin cut his sword on the band saw, showed him how the sander works with safety goggles. An angled fake edge. A short roll of E tape to secure the cross guard and cover the handle. He’s happy.

I break out the immersion blender and break down the soup. This is a  good tool. Add the bacon. Wow, tasty stuff, I munch a bowl. Raven wants some for later, I jar a pint and a tub for lunches, with more for now, yum.

Raven has a new radio CD player from Luis. She figures it out on line and installs it all on her own. It totally works, wow. She requests a CD to test it. In my car I have a copy of her album, appropriate, it works.

On the guitar, I need to secure the pickups with the backing springs included. I find a #23 bit should fit well with thread clearance. I set the bit depth to what should be right and drill the holes for the bridge pickup. As I secure the pickup with some difficulty, one of the screws breaks, oh no. These screws provided with the pickups are too long, they’ll be out the back. 1 1/4 is max, these are 1 1/2. I try to remove it with pliers, won’t budge. Raven asks if I can carve it out. Not an option. Thinking, I could drill it out on the sides. I drill three holes around the screw, loosening it enough to wiggle it back out with pliers. A 1/4 inch dowel will fill it, using a ‘D’ bit, 4 mil less it gives it a pressure fit, banged in place. Re drilled it fits. That was a serious challenge resolved, the hitch. I’ll need to get new screws or cut these down to 1 1/4″. I will also need some brass screws to secure the E cover and the bridge.

Slowly it becomes a sweet instrument.

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