Vardo day, Raven has a car as she dropped off her friend at the airport. We met as usual at Safeway Bucky’s for coffee, picked up some jasmine rice and headed for the farmers market. A zucchini, carrots, Duncan’s mushrooms, we’re good. We need bleach, to the dollar store, some lunch containers and ‘D’ cells for the water heater.

Next stop Salvation Army. I found a very partial set of router bits in a nice case for a buck. Raven scored a cool tablet case with a tree cover and button, nice and fit her apple perfectly. I noticed a few things but forgot. To home.

Lunch of rice, broiled chicken tenders, and a basic stir fry of zucchini, carrots, mushrooms, from my garden a few last pea pods, new green and yellow beans, pac choy leaves, herbs, onions and garlic, with two pats of butter at the end. Served out back with a view.

I fiddled with the start of a soaked sedge basket, good fun, but there are other things need doing. Back in the bucket after changing the water so it doesn’t dry.


We need to sterilize the water system so I filled a five gallon bottle mostly with water and added a lot, maybe half a gallon of the cheap chlorine bleach. It’s smelling plenty strong. I put the bottle under the sink and inserted the pump tube, switched on the pump. opened the faucet as the pump kicked in, bwaaaammp, with water flowing all faucets, excellent. Outside I opened the joined hot water system and spat a bit out the shower valve. Everything is full of bleach, all sinks hot and cold. Shut it down and leave it.

Raven is cleaning the roof and sides, concentrating on the serving window. Finishing the screen with panels tacked down with the tiny nails and sanding. She cleaned the steps, swept everything tidy. The screen is prepped for stain.


Meanwhile I’m working on the last wooden wheel, The fellows need sanding and drilling, as the last fellow has already been done weeks past, cool. I’m pounding the fellows onto the finished spokes with difficulty, back to the drill press a little deeper, a slight sand on the spoke as they fit into place. I’ll need one more welded tire to fit as Raven stains the wheel.


Meanwhile I remember at Sally’s there was a rug I forgot to tell Raven about, 2 x 7 feet, red and patterned, it’s 4ish, there’s time. Also a cool spinning wheel way over priced I’d like to measure. We jump in my truck and head the three miles. Score on the rug at half price.


Measurements of the spinning wheel at 20 inches diameter, 24 x 6 tapered to 4 on the base with the wheel 30 inches up to center. The wheel has a curved crown groove around it like my band saw but with extra edges. 2 1/2 inches wide on the wheel and fancy turned spokes. The crank connected to foot pedal is missing though a large spool is up front, perhaps raw wool or finished yarn, I don’t know, and two more spools. Too bad I didn’t bring the camera, maybe next week as the price is high. I’d like to build one as wheels I have down.

Raven worked on the chalk board, a bit slanted then straight, all good and erasable to start again or not.


She headed to town for tea in the new Black Bird Cafe. I drained the chlorine out with hose and a full bottle of fresh water, then wrote this. She just got home heading for bed after a 4am morning. A wonderful day.

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