Yesterday I cooked a bunch of lunches for work, fun that. A Thai coconut soup with chicken and rice, just one as I ate the other, yum. A large batch of pasta y fagioli, a pasta and bean soup I like with pancetta Italian bacon, carrots, celery, onions, garden herbs and diced tomatoes. Raven needs picking up in Sebastapol as her truck is serious down. I brown a cut up London broil for a stew and dose it with beef broth to a boil, shut down and head for town as it tenderizes. I need parts to fix a ukulele I bought at a yard sale last weekend for $10. Banana’s music has strings and an oversize bone nut I can use. I still need a wood saddle and bridge.

Joe lives close to Sebastapol and called earlier, I’ll stop by to see what he’s done. He and Cat are out back planting as I pull in. New asparagus crowns, artichoke starts, bunch of other stuff growing strong, amazing. The old pumpkin patch is volunteered all over again. It’s beautiful. The new laundry shed nearly complete with French doors, a roof and drywall going in, an excellent job, nice trim outside. Joe has a piece of mahogany that matches the Uke from the wood shop free bin up the street. Cupcakes and fresh mint water as we talk, I brought a double pasta y fagioli soup as the kids are off. Cat picked a box of veggies for me, wow. Time to get Raven, just up the road.

We meet at Whole Foods on time as planned, walk up to People’s Music where they have a fine saddle and ukulele bridge, good folks. To home. I finish a good batch of stew, everything is home grown or organic, wow, and a lot of food ready, refrigerate and freeze.

This morning sleeping in, laundry started and to work. We already have coffee, Bucky’s left over but good nuked. I started working on the ukulele, this one is small, a smaller bridge than the one we got, Joe’s wood on the table saw and a couple pieces to spin for needed window pegs. I forgot the eggs I hard boiled caught at a quarter inch not burned, OK, munched one.

Raven is working on the door stop I cut and folded at work this week from thin flashing. It doesn’t quite fit yet, needs trimming with scissors to clear the 2x door jams (Raven) and the lower part needs a quarter inch less. I break out the paper cutter and carefully trim it down. Now it fits, Raven punches for screws and drills, a little deeper good. A couple wacks with the taper punch to sink the screws down and the door closes fine.


Lunch time, I made a huge batch of stir fry with all these veggies, gifts from Cat and Michael last week, the farmers market and my own garden. So many spring peas, fresh green beans, pak choy from my garden, fresh Joe’s carrots, red and white chard, spinach, bought bean sprouts, Duncan’s FM mushrooms. O chicken tenders, I figured out if you hold the tendon and scrape it with the knife one side and the other, removes the tough stuff, then chop it for bite size perfect. Garlic, fresh ginger, onions. It barely fit the wok until the greens settled. Five spice and garden herbs, finished with a corn starch thickener and oyster sauce. With rice, perfect. Lunch and five more containers. Crispy veggies, chicken so good, stored for more lunches.

The grey water drain lines need reinforcing, I break out some fiberglass tape and marine grade white slow epoxy, dose the connections, wrap it with glass tape and more glue, smearing it down tight with my gloved hands around the lift wires. I hope it holds water tight, should.


I show Raven how to spin a tapered mahogany plug using the drill on the lapidary drum. After cutting the stock square on the table saw, cut to length on the band saw. Using the sander, trim the corners opposite then across to make an even octagon, then lightly spin it round to fit the drill chuck. Chuck the piece, spun against the sander spin to a taper to match the reamer I have as close as possible. A tapered peg will always fit. We made four tapers. With the lower window propped wide open with a water bottle, we drilled a smaller hole, then reamed it conical to fit the pegs. It works perfect to hold the side windows open.


The grey water vent hose still needs to be secured. I made some brackets of plumbers tape, painted black and screwed it in.


Raven worked on the screen for the windows. I found the cord to hold the screen in using the 25 cent tool I found at Salvation Army. Raven pressed it in and cut new ply panels to cover it. Looks good.


I got the parts built for the ukulele, a new bone nut above and a saddle and bridge of mahogany and ebony piano key stock. I still need to glue them in and notch but this looks good. Note at the thumbs are new parts.


I drove Raven back up the hill with a supply of lunches and the left over veggies, a huge bag. We shall eat well these coming weeks. A fine productive weekend.

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