We met for coffee at Starbucks Safeway. The farmers market is nearing done, but a good haul of pineapple guavas, some granny smith apples, a tomato, Raven scored some carrots and what not. Raven is wanting some costume stuff, why not, we take my car in to Santa Rosa. Cost plus is here next to a costume shop, I could get some Spanish Chorizo as Raven looks around. The Spirit shop has better deals up the street for costumes, a wide brim hat, long black gloves will do. Getting hungry, let’s head home with a brief stop to pick up the truck.
Lunch of half a tuna melt and Raven’s very good soup. The tuna melt is caught in McKinleyville tuna with mayo, unexpected cheddar, my bread and butter pickles chopped, on sprouted wheat, grilled to brown in butter, yum. I can’t explain the soup of rice and veggies with medicinal roots and mushrooms but it tasted great with added salt.
Weather is off and on rain and sun. I need to find a shovel as my dear cat Rosie died last night. I dug a hole behind the garden where she liked to hang out. We had an impromptu funeral. Thanks Rosie, such a good cat.
Work to do, I brought out the iron for the axle extension, it’s cut to size last week but needs holes. I took measurements from the lines I made before on the frame, 1 3/4″ centers for the spring mounts 26 1/2″ apart. I measured these on the 28″ shorter pieces the springs will mount to. Starting with a smaller 3/8 drill bit as a pilot I drilled the holes with the drill press after center punching first. A couple holes were off, I used the flex shaft drill and a rotary file to get the holes corrected, then used the 1/2″ bit to true to round.


Meanwhile, Raven is working on the shelves for the vardo display. She’s having trouble as the redwood support slats keep splitting. I find some mahogany scrap and cut some pieces to size, she finishes them in polyurethane, builds it up while researching the brake laws as it dries. Really nice shelves.


I figured out the mounting holes, with 30″ longer iron pieces a hole on each end a half inch in and two more holes at 10 and 20. This will give two bolt holes to the shorter outer pieces after they’re welded. With 1/2″ grade 5 bolts and welds, two short and two long bolts per side. Welded and bolted this should be very strong. I laid out the hole placements and pilot drilled one long bar. I found by adding a couple pieces of redwood I can drill the lower hole square as the drill press has a limited throw. One long bar is pilot drilled complete. I’m having to sharpen the drill bits on the grinder to finish so many holes. More to do, but progressing.

Raven finished the shelf and is watching the Hobbit 1, to sleep in the vardo on the new extended mattress a bit softer. We’ll need to make a cover for it, sew it goes.

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