a bed fit for a queen, metalcraft and splitting wood


raVen reporting here, as dan’s modem is temporarily down–but will be new and improved this tuesday.

today was a bit out of sequence, as i had to get up early, without dan, and go into town for coffee before a telephone call i needed to make.  i returned to dan’s with coffee, and he decided to go to the farmer’s market while i was in the meeting.  when i got off the phone, i went to tackle the Vardo refrigerator, which i thought might be overcome with mold. (insert photo)

when i opened it up, it was a lot cleaner than i expected, but i gave the seals a good scrub anyhow.  himming and hawing for what to do next (aside from changing out the axle, there’s not much left to do), i decided to put the bed back together, and got the desire to get a waffle mattress pad for the tops of the cushions, as its felt pretty hard and uncomfy the last few times i slept in there.  when dan returned, we had a scrumptious farmer’s market meal and plotted out that he’d work on cutting steel as i went to town to get screws for another small detail for the Vardo–a display cabinet (insert photo).  when i came back from the store, he was done (insert photo), and i decided it would be a good time to go get that mattress pad.  not cheap, but worth it, we found the cot-size pad that i was seeking, and when put on top of old cushions, it felt like some good sleepin’ was ahead (insert photo).  spent the last few minutes of the day learning how to use the drill/countersink tool to assemble the display cabinet, but as the drill was working funky, i spun it too hard and split the first wooden bracket, oh well.  at least i have a project for next week!  dan plans to move the Vardo with his truck (oh my) and then jack it up to do some measuring for the new axle fittings.  should be exciting, and i’ll try to go easy with that drill.  over and out.

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