6/29/2013 Hot


A light vardo day as the temperatures hit over a hundred F. I went to town early for the farmers market, picked up a bunch of cucumbers for a batch of pickles tomorrow and 2 ears of corn for lunch. I got home minutes before Raven arrived.  Prepped a cucumber salad to soak.

She broke out the burgundy paint and did the upper door inside And touch up on the steps. I worked on the D bench, pulled it out and attached the high separator side, then the front panel with glue first then finish nails. Interesting, the frame wasn’t quite square to the front panel so I secured the one side with nails then adjusted the panel square and nailed it straight. That worked, with glue beneath.  I added the hinges to the bench top after scoring a pen line with the hinge pin outside the line.  Getting the hinge top secured was a challenge, holding it in place and getting one dot with the pen, drilled, then getting the others lined up and drilled, it worked. When we tried to fit the bench in it was too tight. We pulled it out, I marked the cover to seat edge line and cut it with the jig saw. Rough sanded, it fits well but needs more paint.

I set up the cabinet Chin gave me outside with a mahogany plywood top and the vardo stove, a regulator and my rhino tank, an outside kitchen stove. Corn and water in the big pan, O chicken fried in olive oil with oyster sauce, garlic powder and my not hot curry powder mixture.  Threw a few wax beans from the garden into the boil for a crisp cooking and some tomato sweet hundreds raw, good veggie mix with the cukes and fresh garden herbs. A fine repast.

It’s getting really hot. we fit the new bench back in and hit the road for town in Raven’s truck as AC works, with a spray bottle of water to help cool off.  A stop at Sally’s but nothing interesting, though the elderberries near the freeway are looking ripe, being near the freeway, not.

In Santa Rosa we check Joanne Fabrics for curtain prices, then the foam store for mattress info.  We’ll need the measurements in detail so we can get the foam pre-cut. A stop at ReStore turned up a nice new vent fan, $7.00, what a deal. Checking the included instructions I may need to remove the over stove paneling to get it wired in.

Off to a cool movie, good day.

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