6/22/2013 summer time


Summer started yesterday and it’s hot. I stopped at the hardware store for some spray glue and sand paper on the way to meet Raven at Bucky’s (starbucks) for coffee then hit the Healdsburg farmers market. I was surprised to see cucumbers already in, I’ll start pickles next week. We bought green beans for lunch, Raven chard, cherries, a cuke for me, and an egg plant plant for the garden.

Arriving home I set up the saw horses and door bench, Raven started painting the D side bench back in light yellow as I cooked lunch. O chicken breast marinated in oyster sauce and garlic powder then rolled in blender ground pistachio nuts, broiled. A slant on April Jones’ recipe for fish (egg dipped and pistachio flour). Jasmine rice, the FM beans along with my garden few wax beans and zucchini plus a radish for color steamed lightly. Very tasty lunch.

After lunch Raven touched up the window glazing with new compound, she could only fill the cracks but should be better when painted. I worked on the cabinet doors, some were a bit tight, used the orbital sander to open up the frame and fascia. I installed the hinges to the doors, pre-drilling small where there were no holes after an awl punch (awl I need) to center the hinge equal distant from the top and bottom.  I then drilled the outer hinge holes into the fascia and screwed them in with the gun blue patina brass screws, a perfect color match. The doors were tight in places, orbital, hand sanding, filing until they fit fair. The fascia near the main door needs to be glued better, did that with yellow glue and clamped. Raven helped sand the middle P one as it’s tight, then proceeded to paint the steps burgundy red. Looks good.


The cabinet door handles need screws, I headed up to Harry Bosworth’s Mercantile on the corner, 1 1/4″ screws and washers, 8-32 qty 14. Home, as some were drilled half through I found some bigger washers in the bins, fitted all the handles.


The last two D side near the door need drilling. I made a paper pattern to match the sink spacing and drilled the under stove, a bit lower as it’s a lower door, called Raven for a decision on the last bigger door. Match the height of the sink handles, done.  


The cabinet doors are looking good, installed. Easily removed for modifications in paint, a bit of sanding for free movement yet to do, but in. The hinges are springed to shut but we’ll add the magnet latches, maybe toggle clamps too for under way. 

A good day.

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