3/17/2013 Happy Patty’s Day!


St. Patrick’s Day! We got quite a bit done this weekend.  We headed to town early as coffee was in order, *Bucky’s then Restore, Raven found a bunch of magnet latches for the cabinet’s at 40 cents each, score.

Thought on that, we’ll need additional toggle swing latches for on the road but the magnets will be sufficient while parked.

We stopped at Whole Foods for a grass fed corned beef, Community market for herbs and honey.  Next stop APE appliance shop for a good hose. The washing machine hoses were all way long, no good, let’s go for a 1/2″ faucet hose and the 5″ galvo 1/2″ nipple I need for the hot through wall fitting. We stopped at Wells Fargo Center to check out the Farmers Market, Rave got a bag of rose petals free for a friends baby pillow.  Stop at Shelton’s for lavender and chamomile, more pillow herbs. Home a little after noon, not bad.

Hungry now, broiled BBQ chicken sandwiches with tomato and wild garden arugula, served at the vardo table. Started the corned beef to boil 3 hrs.

Raven started finishing the D side counter fascia with another coat of water soluble varnish (WSV). I pulled out a bench and crunched numbers to figure out the best use of materials we have to finish facing the benches, found some 1/2″ marine grade left over from my boat V berth, an odd angular cut. Raven wants radius cut wood to match the hand sink divider to separate the benches from the counters but there isn’t enough stock here for that. We settled on a partial even width, cut at an angle to match the wall. I cut them out, slightly warped so put them on the bench braced and clamped to straighten out over time.  Raven covered the counter faces inside and out and the drawers with WSV.

I looked everywhere for the red brass valve and pipes, finally found them where left on the gas line out.  I didn’t get much done, though the beef and fixings is done, we split it up for tomorrow as Raven headed home.

This morning I went to town for coffee, more teflon tape, a close 1/2″ nipple, an angle bracket and another 3/4 hose to 1/2″ FPT for the water system,  a $5 off coupon helped.

Getting home I used the brass gate valve connected to the 5″ galvo nipple to the hot water in. Adding the close nipple to the valve new hose connection to the hot water out, plus extra teflon everywhere. I drilled a new hole to add the plastic spigot with the reused plastic through, attached a 1/2″ pipe to pex connector and tied this to the city in line with another cut 30″ piece of pex tube. L brackets with hose clamps to secure the spigots outside.


We have running water, cold and hot on demand, complete with a hose supply from the well or pumped from the bottles.

Here is a shot from out side:


Wow! I called my water engineer neighbor John over, he was impressed.

Next I cut the pieces for the bench faces and fit them loosely together.  This too will work.


The upright arcs are 3/4″ low to the top of the bench, Raven wants them higher too to match the electric wall panel, I’ll add a 3/4″ piece to the bottom to bring them up. it’ll be fine. I put them back under the clamp to loose the warp. Put the benches in and tools away, a very productive weekend.

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