Another vardo day, quite a bit done. As my table saw elevator is broken, I spent a lot of time getting it apart. The left hand threads are stripped with what turns out to be a double nut holding it in. After much a do I got that apart but the knob was held on with a split pin. That was harder to get out than it should have been, drilled and finally. As I’m still waiting on a part from Sears it’ll wait but it’s good it’s apart.

Meanwhile raVen painted the inside of the vardo with water soluble clear coat, a second coat on the front wall, all of the ceiling and the back door wall.

I worked on the benches, glued and finish nailed on the hidden back and  side. I filled and sanded the partitions with wood putty, using the belt sander to true up the edges, then hand sanding the tight inside corners.  As the table saw is down, I can’t cut the 3/4″ extensions for the partitions, I’ll wait to finish the bench fronts for that.

raVen and I worked together gluing the main sink in using construction adhesive, sponges and paper towel to clean it up.  Weighted lightly in place with the cabinet shelf and doors. We’ll use some clear sealant next.

Raven asked how can we seal the floor and wall around the table area, we decided the vinyl coving would be best. I cut the pieces on the band saw at a 45 degree angle, then trued them up using the lapidary sander (a belt would do as well). Raven used the vinyl floor adhesive to glue it down, best to put the adhesive on both parts. Paper towel and water to clean it up. The pic shows the coving, but also the new painted front wall. Looks professional.


I cleaned up. Raven cleaned Gary’s old espresso machine, funny, Cafe Roma, is the name for the gypsy people, the Roma, how appropriate.


A nice machine and a good days work.

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