1/10/2013 Water Heater!

Wow, got home to a box on the door step, brought it in and opened it, Shower Power, we have an L5 water heater! I opened the box, and am reading the manual. I left most everything in the box, though checked the shower head through the bag, seems all here. Toasty!
I’ll meet you at the CM, 10:30ish. Trip to Starbucks, RS, HD maybe, I do need a plumbing tail stock as Warren recommended for the drain system. Also more wood putty to finish the last cabinet door (and around, always good to have).
This evening after hours I modified the layout for the counter metal in the CAD program to match the actual measured numbers I sent to work last night. I was only off a quarter inch, consistently, not bad.
I’m thinking the standard 20 gauge (.032″) we’re using is too thin on the 6″ separator panel between the hand sink and stove, almost sharp and flimsy, a heavier gauge there is recommended, salvage yard scrap, 19″ x 11 3/4″.  Hmm, need to modify the layout again to fit that and reduce the amount of 20 ga stock, easy in CAD. We’ll need to perfect the plan before we get the metal, and then again after.

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