1/12/2013 Hot water

Fun day on the vardo today. We met at the Community Market, I picked up roots for lunch while Raven bought herbs. Starbucks wake up call, next to Restore. We scored great there, they have a whole bunch of PEX connectors, elbows and tees at a buck a piece, what a deal. I picked up enough (10) to cover most of the plumbing without needing to borrow John’s crimp tool, though may still need it. Raven found a really nice metal faucet for the hand sink, single shift knob with one 1 3/8″ mount hole hot and cold, all hardware included. At check out half off day, awesome. We got a solid metal faucet for the price of a plastic one online.
Onward to Home Depot, I picked up 25′ of 1/2″ PEX tube, a tailpiece for the drain and some wood putty. Home.
Cooked an organic chicken breast root stew, potatoes, carrots and parsnips, garden herbs and wine, ‘coq au vin’ style.
Raven scraped more cabinet doors, I puttied the last one some more, slow dry stuff, it’ll wait.
Time to try the new L5 water heater.
I hooked it up according to the directions, and hung it on a D side screw where it will reside ultimately, right over the external capped gas line. For now, I used the supplied LP regulator, the water hose with a loose gas tank from up front and supplied shower head. Wow, this thing is good, hot water anywhere. I noted that when you turn the water off, then on again it gets really hot for a second, careful of that. This is a wonderful unit.
Rave scraped and sanded some more cabinet doors in the warm sun while I cut the frame pieces on the table saw to make them fit, (D) driver side is cut and ready, the passenger (P) side needs a bit more doing yet. I’ll need to finish the plumbing install D side before I seal up the cabinets.
A lot done, though still need one more adapter to fit the grey water drain. The hot water heater is really neat, and one more cabinet door to glue up and prep for finish. Sure like that heater!

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