I talked to Darin today about cabinets and counters. Counters are usually 3/4″, 5/8 minimum. The sides are usually 1/2, though with the frames I’ve built we could go to a 1/4″(Darin), probably better with 3/16 (me). The stove sides if you choose the oven should be 1/2 at least or add support 1x2s (my thoughts, not Darin’s). He said the front face is usually 3/4 (let’s go to 5/8 there for weight). The back can be rabbeted in or left off. Use biscuit joints, dowels, special angled screws or mortise and tenon. The first 3 need a jig, the last (M&T) is tricky but doable. I’ll look into the jigs. Another way is to glue and nail the face boards to the frame. We’ll figure it out. I should add some flat 1x2s to secure the counters down from the inside.
Stainless can be difficult to drill according to my friend Mike as it work hardens as you drill it. He said get a nail set and re-cut it with square angles. When the drill won’t go, hit it with the punch to give the bit something to grab into beneath the work hardened surface, good tip.

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