Well I got quite a bit done today on the vardo. I finished installing the P side counter frame, that took some doing. I had to adjust the lengths of the fridge frame as it was too short to the wheel well, added another longer piece, had to pull the fridge to get the right numbers. Also lowered the fridge to door timber an 1/8″ to square it up. It was necessary to screw the fridge counter down as it needs the wall for support where the legs are cut so the fridge will fit. Before I could do that I had to attach the long wall support to the back of the fridge frame and balance it all as I put it back in.  3 screws hold it for now, maybe more after the walls are in. The long service counter  went in OK although I had to cut another piece from the well lower wall forward, bad number crunching, oh well. I screwed the long upper wall support down to keep it in place. Under the forward side wall I cut a 3/8″ raise in the cross brace to correct last weeks oops. It’s fairly square now.
I cut the pieces for the benches but ran out of lumber for the long parts. I assembled one bench frame less the lower supports to get an idea of how it will look, looks good. We’ll need 3 more 1x2s to finish both benches, plus more for cabinetry and the table. Maybe a dozen, but I’d like to pick them for straight, $10 cheap at HD, I’ll pick them up this week after work. So the bench frames are 39″ L x 19″ D x 16 1/2″ H, they’ll get a little bigger with the ply facing. I’d like to hinge the top for access storage.
Last thing I did was cut a 45 to fit between the fridge and service counters, perfect after a little nudging into place with the table saw, screwed it in. Looks good.

Passenger counter frame

Bench frame (still needs supports)

Little black stove, needs new knobs

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