5/20/12 Door in


Hey we have a door!

We did a good job today. The door is in place. It opens and closes, it locks solid.
We installed the door together, I held it up while you screwed in the hinges. The lower door needed some major trimming so I set up the bench/saw, had to move the 2×4 fence twice (should have cut the width first). It fit after re-chiseling the hinge flats, we attached the upper door, close fit, I sanded it with the block sander by hand as the belt sander blew a belt, need to get more of them.
After you left I sanded the fit some more and added the hardware. I drilled holes for the latches to fit into the jamb, had to chisel the upper lock a bit to fit, it’s good. I chiseled out the stop flats curved into the frame and filed a curve for the knob latch. The deadbolt doesn’t need a curve, so i chiseled it in, it works. The lower door has a screw pin to lock it from the inside, problem, if you lock it and close the door from outside you can’t get in without crawling through the window, may disable that. The main upper key lock works great, but we’ll need another handle to pull it shut inside, just a simple D handle, cheap. The barrel latch is in place to keep the two doors together, works, but needs a wack or filing to line up better, just a little.
I made a door stop for the upper door, angle matched with the bevel gauge and attached to the arch rafter, cut on the band saw. Works well, thinking to add a hook to secure it open.
We have a secure door. The two keys both work, same cut, cool, no need yet for another one. Once the arch is finished the exterior is done with wood, still need gas and water tank harnesses, plus an electric line door, but the woodwork outside is pretty much complete. On to the interior.

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