It’s a nice door! Needs paint to cover the putty fills, and a bit more putty sands, but dang, nice door. What color are you going to paint it? It’ll be good. Darin suggested a shim to bring the upper door up a bit, attached to the lower door hinge side. We can try that, though it may change the fit, experiment with it. Once you finish the arch the exterior will be done, except for gas and water tank hardware. Remind me, the gas line needs to be sealed with Teflon tape, we need a shorter nipple fitting.and a tee for the water heater plus additional lines to fit it . Part of the interior, next. We’ll need to finish the out side lights to finish the electric and mount a small door for the plug on the driver side, covering the cable across below. Thoughts on the water tanks, baking soda may neutralize the smell of Dr Pepper, I’ll get a box. We’ll need some strong straps to hold them up, 120 lbs each. Thinking get some heavier gauge metal stock with a bend and a bolt to release them for cleaning maybe. We’ll see.

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