5/13/12 Mothers Day


No work on the vardo today other than the window film research, though I did soak the lock in lacquer thinner over night, whew, strong stuff. I put it in a tupperware bowl and sealed that in a baggie outside. I pulled out the outer cone this morning, tried scrubbing it with a plastic brillo sponge, it dissolved the brillo, blue on my fingers. The thinner crinkled the plastic coating enough that I could scrape it off with my nails. I soaked it in vinegar all day, that didn’t work except a small ring around the top that was exposed to air turned a little green. I just suspended it over the vinegar on chopsticks with the stainless cover over it, seems to be working, couple finger prints so I washed it with soap and put it back after another dip. All this is experimental, I have stronger methods available, nitric acid and copper sulfate is supposed to work, I have both here (A to W, as in acid to water (like a to z), never add water to acid as it boils and explodes, not good). Liver of sulfur works too, much darker, but I’d need to order that. Good fun, chemistry. Can always buff it off and try another method.

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