So I did a bit on the door, sanded the lower outer plate lap flush, taped it up and calked it. That stuff does dry fast, nice really (capped to keep it). Taped the upper inner door window cove and calked it too with gloves on, nice round cove, easy to clean. Stripped the tape off immediately on both. Got a little feathering on the lower seams but not bad. Once it’s painted it’ll be fine. The hinges are chiseled into the doors and attached (did that first). Finish off by drilling the door knob holes in the lower door with the jig, it’ll fit.
I still need to chisel in the bolt flat and drill the deadbolt in the upper door, chisel that one too, calk the other sides. I’ll hang the doors before I attach the hardware, but may pre-fit them to see. Also will need to drill and chisel in the jamb catches, finish it off with the barrel latch to secure the 2 doors together. We may need another barrel latch to secure the upper door to the roof fascia while it’s open, maybe add a 2x stop, angle cut to accept it. That should finish the door.

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