Wow, I got a lot done today. It hit 100 degrees F, but I still did OK. I got up in the dark 4:30 and went out and foam sprayed all the wasp nests in the vardo eaves while they were still sleeping, then went back to bed. In the morning I cooked up crostini toasts, some hard boiled eggs, red potatoes and macaroni while it was still cool. In the garden, I picked my first zucchini, and another one should be ready tomorrow. Have to keep an eye on them.

Off to town for coffee and the farmers market, picked up some Duncan mushrooms, a cabbage, a cucumber and a lime. At Safeway O celery, cream of celery soup, half and half . To Garrett’s for some 1/4″ bolts, nuts and washers, a parsley, basil and bean plants. Sally’s found shoe polish, clamps, violin rosin, aluminum flashing and a couple pens. Home, plant the plants, clean the water timer inlet to the garden.

Cooking, a simple potato salad, boiled eggs, celery, onions, pimento olives, O mayo, a touch horse radish, mustard and Larrupin mustard dill sauce to kick it off. I grated all the mild cheddar cheese and half an unexpected cheddar mixed as I’m planning on broccoli cheese soup too tomorrow. Tuna noodle casserole, two cans tuna, mushroom soup, celery soup, celery, onions, crushed potato chips in, a lot of cheese, a can of O corn, my not hot curry powder all mixed in with most of the macaroni. In the ceramic pan with more cheese on top and crushed potato chips. I’ll bake it tomorrow morning when it’s cooler, covered in the fridge, a meal for the lunch gang.

To the garage, I picked up four 2 x 4 s yesterday for the surface sander I’m building and a quarter sheet of good flat 3/4″ plywood. Bringing up the plans from Matthias Wandel’s site:


I’m making some changes as I have a half inch shaft and pillow blocks, three and a half inch MDF disks instead of 5″ disks. A smaller version , but I have more MDF if this needs to be bigger later. The Velcro is  my determining factor with 10 feet of two inch stuff. I’m going for a 16 inch wide sander. I use the 99 cm height of the plans and 45 cm depth. Recalculating, I figure 22 inches will fit the pillow blocks at 17.5 inch centers and allow the 2 x 4 s to fit with a 16 inch drum.  Parts cut on the table saw. Off to Bosworth’s for some screws to put it together and 3/8″ carriage bolts to secure the pillow blocks. I clamped the 2 x 4 s to the bench, drilled and screwed together according to the plans and my modifications. I drilled the pillow block holes through the 2 x 4 s at center 16 cm to the edge, bolted on, loosened up to except the shaft tapped  on with the plastic hammer, then wrench secured. The rough pulley is in place, needs to be turned  down when a belt is acquired, measured at about 59 inches. I attached the motor to the frame with a left over 2 x 4 cut to size and a hinge. The loose hinge pin makes it easy to attach, later I’ll add a screw to keep the pin in place. I’ll need to build the in feed table of two layers of 3/4 plywood with a smooth surface added. I may need to raise the table back to fit the smaller wheels. I checked the motor direction, it’s correct. I’ll need a belt or at least a twisted rope to get the 5 inch drive pulley turned true.


And a switch. There is more to do for sure but this is a lot done.

I also checked out the wood I picked up last week from Joe for the ukulele builds. There are two sweet pieces of mahogany for a back, a split piece long but wide enough for the sides to be bent. Maybe another not split. Checking on sound boards, there are two pieces of I think fir, one is split but enough for the sound board and enough for another. We’ll need another back but I remember Joe has a couple walnut pieces. I also have two sweet pieces of cedar 8 inches wide a bit thick book matched worthy of a soundboard for a guitar and a long piece of thin maple worthy as a guitar sides. Really nice wood, music grade, all free from the door place near Joe’s house. Thanks.


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