well this morning i headed to the LDS family history center for some ancestral research and some other errands, so arriving to the vardo a bit late.  i got started right away with completing the front side batten details, i was waiting on friends to come and thought this would be a good task, but they’re not following through, so i decided to do it :}


took a break for lunch, out back with the view and the cats.  spotted a hawk and four playful, divebombing ravens whilst dining.  next i worked on the passenger side roof edge detailing, which was challenging, doing it freehand!  it was also quite hot and the paint kept getting gummy, a few runs the the paint thinner to clear the brush helped.  i completed it, roughly, still thinking of coming back later with a detail pen to make the edges smoother.  but for now it looks ok. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


while i could have easily put up the newly varnished shutters, i chose not to.  i’m not sure how to handle the sun’s fading of the front paint and details, and can imagine the shutters will get baked when i put them up.  maybe repaint the front, put up the shutters and cover the front with a tarp?  hmmm.  since i got to the house a bit late, these two tasks took me right up to dinner time.  took a spin around the vineyards, mugwort is growing like mad, but no elderflowers yet.  river is hoppin, and this was a good day.

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