We met at Santa Rosa Starbucks this morning for coffee then headed for the foam shop. We picked out a 3″ piece of foam, medium density. The standard is 39″, exactly the width we need, had them cut it in two 20″ and two 14″ pieces to fit the bench and bed.


Off to Joanne’s Fabrics to look around. I measured the width of a bolt at 56″, so many pretty patterns and half off, but we’ll wait as we have to figure out the total amount we need.

A stop at the Restore, nothing we need but always good to look. Trader Joe’s next, hungry, we picked up stuff and a couple sandwich wraps for lunch, munched in the parking lot under the redwood tree. I need to fix my shower wall, off to Home Depot and got a kit with glue, just fit nicely in Raven’s truck. Head for home.

I bought Raven a new gold fine point pen at Joanne’s. works well on the detailing, which is what she continued to work on using the big umbrella for shade.



I cut some new pieces in redwood on the table saw for the bench to secure the backs to the wall, angle cut to match the slope of the backs, then cut to match the 5/8″ plywood, sanded smooth on the rotary sander.

Time to crunch some numbers, I moved in to the vardo table with the new foam cushions, ahh. Four 3″ cushions, Two 20s, two 14s, figure a half inch seam allowance and a full inch seam on the zippers. So 15×40 four times, 21×40 four times top and bottoms. That leaves 16″ on the edge of the 56″ wide strip. Three sides around plus the separate zipper panel. I laid it all out on paper, we’ll need four and a half yards by 56″ to cover the cushions with exact cuts and measurements laid out on paper. I went looking for my tracing paper roll, damn, it’s at my sister’s place from the rebuild. Oh well, we’ll need to sew it here. Cathy doesn’t have time to get it done in India while she’s there and I can’t make the pattern without the paper.  But the numbers are here, ready.

Raven kept working on the details as I pulled out the shower kit, set up the saw horses, door bench and cut the plastic pieces to fit. Scored with Dad’s sharp knife and bent they broke evenly, the fixtures cut with a hole saw and sanded smooth. Ready to install after prepping the stall walls.

We made up the bed with the new cushions, perfect fit, Raven will try it out tonight after the gig up at Isis.

Plenty done, a good day.

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