When I returned from the farmers market Raven was already there early painting the driver side window. I opened a cantaloupe fresh from the market, so sweet.  I need to make a wooden drum for my brother today as I’ll be in Michigan next week for his birthday and friend Tom wants to know how as well. It’s all table saw work and complicated angles as a truncated pyramid.

Raven’s getting hungry (me too), so I broiled some O chicken, steamed the garden wax beans, cut mozzarella, tomatoes, cucumbers, basil all from the garden. Raven brought another big yellow sweet tomato, kale and balsamic vinegar, a large dash of Patsy’s good olive oil for an amazing salad. Rosemary cheese rolls reheated with the chicken, dipped in the salad juice, oh, so good.

Raven painted the windows burgundy inside and out, plus the door window inside, all very detailed cut in work with small brushes, first coat. I finished the drum cuttings, rubber banded and clamped it together, to be glued in Michigan so it will fit in my luggage in pieces. Here are the pics:


D window outside



D window inside



P window inside



The drum insides, wooden head beneath

Another fine day of vardoing.

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