I made a batch of hamburger mushroom stroganoff that’s pretty tasty. I got four buckets for lunches in the freezer and fridge.
This morning I was binging on Youtube watching ‘Primitive Technology’ really good show about survival techniques worth watching, turn on the captions.
So I got a much needed haircut, itches but it looks good.
I worked on my ukulele projects. Yesterday I cut a walnut fret board for a small soprano copied from Uncle Bob’s 90 year old Kamaka. I also cut down the neck with a router to fit the fret board, I had messed up the cuts, now it’s right. I also prepared another walnut blank for a new bass ukulele I’ve just begun. I’m planning this one to be a solid body bass uke with a 20 1/4 inch string length, same as the other ones but solid, maybe maple and mahogany.

These are very short basses with fat strings, but they sound right, easy to play.
Laundry done, another week ahead, but I like the work and they pay me well, with great coworkers. Life is good.

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