I got a new keyboard today, thought I’d try it out. I also got a new enameled dutch oven, big 6.5 qt in red and white. Gary would approve. I’m planning on spending Easter with friends Joe and his family, cooking potatoes au gratin to go with the ham. Think I’ll use this thing. It’s heavy cast iron enameled, pretty in red.
My friend at work is interested in a bass ukulele at a cheap price. Thinking of an electric unit. Not sure where to get a nylon wound in magnetic nickel thick enough for a super short uke bass with coil pickups. So I ordered another set of rubber strings and a piezo pickup/pre-amp. It could be fun to make an electric solid body bass uke. A 20 inch electric string length is hard to find.
I’ve been cooking, Pasta Fagioli soup as usual. Italian sausage, onions, garlic, garden herbs, wild asparagus I’ve found in the good places, and potatoes smothered in cheese, tasty stuff.
Yesterday was Greg’s birthday at work. I gave him a jar of pickles. As he’s diabetic, perfect.
It’s warming up again, Spring time, hurray.

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