It’s been an interesting weekend. I came in with an honorable mention at the Halloween party, good for two $5 Starbucks cards. Ancient red cloak from the haunt days in storage, stitched back up with a new tied neck knot button, my mechanical hand, red steam punk goggles. I need to get a picture from someone who has it.
Yesterday Saturday I worked on a soundboard in redwood for the next soprano ukulele build. I cut a piece of mahogany at an angle for the neck head after surfacing it to flat. Not really flat as I’d like, saved some dust for filler.
I also cooked up a batch of beef stroganoff for a couple lunches and one then, tasty.
Joe sent me a note, Brice on the Geyserville planning committee is having a party at the stallion sculpture lot to carve pumpkins. Sounds like fun. I showed up and carved a few, saved some seeds and roasted them later, good times.
Today I slept in, then headed to town for free Bucky’s coffee on the card. There is a gem show at the Santa Rosa fair grounds and a flee market in the Vet’s hall lot. I scored an emerald and a string of amethyst beads, plus a nice forstner drill bit cheap at the flea market.
At the car show in town, I dropped off half the roasted pumpkin seeds at Brice’s booth. Simply salted and roasted at 350 F.
Back home, I cooked up a batch of primo chicken soup, with cabbage, parsnips, all the main veggies, a superior blend, four buckets.
Laundry day, and I cut out the neck in mahogany for the next soprano uke. I stacked the heal blocks and glued them, this will be a good neck. The clamped back is now flat, the soundboard is tight.
Bend the sides next.
I have begun to sand the bass uke 2 back to flush with the sides, slow process, coming along.
Back to work in the morning.

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