Fun weekend of Hexenfest up at the local Isis Oasis hippy commune. Raven took the gypsy wagon up there and sold coffee and drinking chocolate. She did alright.
I’m making lasagna for the potluck this Wednesday. Problem, my stove oven died due to the mice ate the electric cord. I’ll get a new one from the landlord but not until Friday. I dug out a kitchen torch from stuff should work well enough to brown the top and the microwave will finish the cheese melt OK. Cooking for a crowd with minimal tools. Total organic sauce from the farmer’s market with help from Trader Joe’s tomatoes.
It rained yesterday, Hurray, first since spring. That should stop any more fires, wonderful. We’re all grateful.
I worked on the second bass uke today, added the electrics and drilled the holes in the bridge for the strings. I made the holes big enough to fit the fat nylon strings even though I’m using smaller wire wounds.
The gypsy wagon move back to home came off without a hitch, thanks to Syntha, a gypsy friend.
Good times, back to work tomorrow.

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