I spent the weekend recuperating from my trip to Michigan and cooking mostly, even though it’s 85-90 or more. Yesterday I made potato salad, egg salad and chicken soup. I also read an audio book on Youtube, ‘The Subtle Knife’, sequel to ‘Golden Compass’ movie I watched on the plane downloaded to my phone from Prime.
Today I made a beef stew, a three cup batch of cornichon pickles and a pork 5 spice stir fry with spring peas and rice for lunches.
I also glued in the three ribs for the back of the second bass ukulele, one at a time with a heavy weight to hold them down. The back is still loose, but the ribs will line it up for final glue up after the front and electronics are installed.
I pulled up the garlic from the garden today, really small harvest, dang. only a few were big enough to replant. The gophers took out all the first year shoots. I used a head of seeds for the pickles, crushed. I do have quite a few seeds, perhaps I can revive the strain from those. It’s my Dad’s garlic strain, and his Birthday is today. Maybe I should harvest earlier so the root cloves stay bigger, not seeds.
Having thoughts of a tiny home on wheels using the first axle and springs, perhaps get another matching axle. Not the Ford axle, the one from TrailerPlans.com. Just thinking.
Back to work tomorrow, time to prep lunch, cookie, banana, chicken soup. Yum.

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