Another good weekend.
I worked on ukuleles and cooked some. Cream of asparagus soup with bacon bits yesterday as it’s in season. I even picked some from around the back yard where I know it grows, added to the TJ batch.
I prepped stuff for a batch of cool tamales. I used two red bell peppers, paprika, with cumin, oregano and garlic cooked down for a sauce. Just a couple drops of Tabasco for a controlled hint of heat. I cooked a pound of chicken tenders in water with onion and salt, save the broth. Cooled and shredded with a fork, mixed with the sauce and saved for today.
I worked on the second soprano ukulele (S2). I glued the back to the body clamped flat to the raised work surface. Something popped as I tightened the clamps, dang. Inside ribs came loose. Fix it again Tony, but I’m Dan, FIAD.
I cut the pieces of mahogany I surfaced last week for another bass on the table saw, one to match the back and in half for the sides. I used the hot tube lamp to bend the sides to fit the molds, always fun that. Bending wood with heat is really satisfying.
I used my tiny sharp Swiss card knife to trim down the S2 top and bottom close to flush to the sides, then sanded them flush smooth.
Today I bought a pound of Monterey Jack cheese to add grated to the tamales mixture. I mixed up a batch of masa using 3/4 cup lard whipped with a fork with a little saved chicken broth, 2 cups Maseca corn flour, a teaspoon of baking powder, half a teaspoon salt and enough broth to make a smooth dough. I boiled a bunch of corn husks to soften them and started processing. A two tablespoon ball of masa spread on the husk wide down, a fat tablespoon plus of mixture in the middle spread, rolled and sealed, the thin end folded up. Into the steamer pan. I used three jar rings to hold up my veggie steamer in my deepest pot with the canning cover on top. I had to make another batch of masa to finish the batch of filling, which filled the pan.
I steamed it for close to two hours, checking often, adding boiling water to keep the process going. They turned out great, really flavorful but not so uncomfortably spicy hot, really tasty.
I froze most of them in separate bags, ate a couple, a few for soon refrigerated. Score.
I cut up a bunch of cheap luan mahogany to use for liners on the table saw. I surfaced them down on the surface sander. In the process, something went BANG and the cover flew off broken. I finished the surface thinning carefully without the cover. I used the hot lamp to bend a couple into liners. Yea, I’ll need to bend two more. I glued and clamped the blown sander cover back together, it’s drying.
Meanwhile, I bent a wire jig to hold the rib inside the S2. This one came loose all the way out. The lower back rib came loose on one side. I used the syringe with a brass tube extension ground to fit the angle to inject wood glue to hold it in place. Then I applied glue to the back board and used the wire jig to hold it in place. Later I added more glue using the syringe extension. This should hold the ribs in place, a little messy, but deep inside, hidden.
A soprano nearly done, frets next and a new bass begun. A good day.


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