Happy Patty’s day! I had fun today. I picked enough wild asparagus to make a decent lunch with left over corned beef and potatoes. I planted some peas, turnips and radishes in the garden.
I also had a good time in the shop. I glued the ribs and bridge back brace into the second soprano uke using a large piece of metal to weigh it down.
It’s ready for the back to be glued into place as those ribs are already glued.
I’m scavenging together enough wood to make some more ukuleles. I’m running low on flat stock wide enough and matching grain for a good set. I dug out a few pieces that were cupped warped and heated them on my hot pipe 200 watt lamp. They bent enough to be flat, excellent. I pushed them through my homemade surfacer and got the rough sides smooth, flat boards 2.5 mm to 2 mm thick. One long one 6.5″ wide matches a shorter ones grain and if cut for the near matched back, then in half long will make the sides for a bass.
I have enough old growth Doug fir for the sound boards. The other pieces match well enough for another tenor uke using a long piece I’ve been saving for the bent sides all in one piece. No joint on the bottom sides, like I’ve been making the sopranos. So I made enough wood for two ukulele bodies out of warped mahogany using the hot lamp to bend them straight, how cool is that!
The second soprano (S2) is ready to glue the back after I sign it inside first.
Another fine day, back to work tomorrow.

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