I just finished weed-whacking the front lawn after repairing the whacking machine. A challenge that, a drop of oil and two pipe wrenches to open it, restrung. I just cut the minimum, front inside the vardo wagon side, a path to the propane tank and one to the garden. More this week as the time warp gives late light, odd that. Darkness on the way to work over again.
We had a pot luck at work on Friday, I made lasagna as there was an Italian theme going. A large batch, two containers, all gone, that’s a good sign they liked it. Hurray.
Yesterday I cooked a batch of chicken noodle soup and more beef stew, frozen for lunches. Today I made a chicken penne cream sauce with onions, garlic, herbs and cream cheese. I used finer chopped celery and carrots for a little crunch. Something in between Alfredo and mac and cheese, really good. Lunch and two buckets more.
I’m working on the second soprano ukulele, the first one is done. They are copies of Uncle Bob’s 90 year old Kamaka, sort of. I’m using a mahogany body with old growth redwood soundboard and cherry necks. I modified the head form like my tenors, why not. The ribs are all cut to form, glued to the back yesterday, the front glued to the body today with the ribs laid in place for the picture.
I need to replace the pickup on the bass uke, it came in, but I need to un-string it. I think that is what’s wrong, as it was bent and doesn’t amplify. To be determined. It’s still fun to play acoustically.
Laundry done, Back to work tomorrow, in the darkness on the way.

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