Yesterday I cooked up last years final corned beef as they are about to be in season for Patty’s day.
 I also made a dream catcher for my coworker friend as he has trouble sleeping. Willow, jute, a quarts crystal and crow feather.
This morning I made a corned beef hash using a small onion chopped and fried, three Trader Joe’s hash browns chopped with the corned beef. Turned out great, with enough for a lunch bucket left over. I still have enough beef for a Ruben or two, bought sauerkraut. Wow, I just caught the crostinis I baked just in time, a little dark but OK.
I made a batch of potato bacon soup this afternoon, onion, one fine chopped mushroom fried in butter, a little flour for rue, garden herbs, garlic, chicken broth, 4 peeled potatoes cubed boiled to near done, half a bar of cream cheese melted in, a cup of half and half, two hand fulls of cooked bacon bits from Costco (Cathy gave me), thickened with flaked mash potato, and some fresh parsley chopped course. Really good stuff, four buckets, three frozen, one for tomorrow.
I fried a couple thin pork chops, nuked water and half and half for flaked mashed potatoes, steamed some fresh green beans, buttered and season salt. Another choice lunch ready. The crostinis are sealed, sour dough, olive oil, salt, garlic powder and basil baked at 350 F twenty minutes, Five bags of seven slices.
I worked on the soprano ukuleles. S2 needed another liner yesterday. I cut a new inside form of chip board thinner than the plywood one so the side would maintain the shape but accept the second liner. Glued and clamped with a jillian cloths pins over night. Today I pushed the redwood soundboard through the surfacer to get an even thickness. I set the table saw blade to that height, set the fence for the neck where the body notches meet and cut the neck with a few passes. The soundboard top fits flush to the neck. I set up the parts on the flat bench board, leveled the neck and the sides with course sand paper. I adjusted the wedges to force the sides flush to the neck and fit between the liners, then glued it up flat with the soundboard temporarily in place with clamps. The neck is attached to the body sides and flat. I laid out the back clamped down in preparation for the ribs.
The first soprano is ready. I made the nut in bone yesterday. I stripped off the tape and oiled the fret board and bridge with mineral oil. I burned the neck before that with the solder iron for three rectangle markers, plus small dots on the side. I installed the tuners with the hand drill tape flagged to depth and screwed the tuners in place. String time, I knotted the G string with a harp knot, folded over and tied with an overhand knot. In the bridge notch. and wound around the tuner. There is a problem in that the string is above the nut, not in contact. I added a bunch more string to the wind until the string was beneath the nut. Times four, it works, with string wound around the tuners all the way down. I cut notches in the nut to hold the strings in position using a triangle needle file. Tuned up and stretched, it plays.
Actually, really well. This is a good instrument, good action, wow, I like it.
Pictures and this story.

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