Another fun weekend. The enchiladas I made for the Friday potluck at work were a big hit, two trays all gone, great. Saturday chicken bone soup with veggies and noodles, yum, three spare buckets. Today I made beef stew, three more buckets. Most frozen and one each for the week ahead. I still have other stuff for lunches.
I spent the better part of Saturday looking for my fret cutting jig. I finally found it in the vardo, where I put it during the fire evacuation.
I have an idea to make a different fret cutting jig that locates them all and I just run the saw down each slot. It uses a wooden clamp, I bought one at Harbor Freight.  As the clamp can be set at an angle it will hold the neck in place while the frets are cut with the jig. It would work better with a square cut neck, before I round it. But it did work. I cut some high grade birch plywood to make the jig, cutting it down on the table saw to make the square Z profile, I then wedged it in the old jig and cut each slot measured with the steel scale. It’s not perfect, but close enough. Drilled and bolted with wingnuts to the clamp, slotted to adjust. It would be better in aluminum as a couple slots broke and were glued back. I have thoughts of the digital readout at work with a saw jig attachment to get a perfect template.
Once the saw cuts were begun with the jig, I added the wooden depth stop to the saw and finished the cuts to depth.
Easy process, with minor improvements it should make perfect fret boards fast, With various added fret length jigs I should be able to make any size instrument with the simple jig.
I cut the first liner to size and glued it in place with a jillian cloths pins, drying. I’ve been adding a tiny bit of lacquer to the first soprano where I repaired the small crack in the redwood sound board. Once it’s built up enough, I’l lightly sand it flat and finish coat the sound board, ready for stringing.
Fun times.

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