I finally peeled the tape off my bass ukulele today and strung it up. I had to drill two of the tuners out to accept the huge strings. I drove to town for a new rat tail file to file the nut notches. Good thing I had a $5 discount card to use up. It sounds great. The finish won’t last long as I tried to shellac it, then switched to lacquer and it’s not sticking. But it looks OK now and will be fun to play.
Also almost done with the first soprano uke, but there is a crack in the sound board which I filled with sawdust and superglue. The second soprano is already started, body formed and sound board in old redwood. I glued up the mahogany back flat this evening. They go quicker.
I baked a whole chicken and made a batch of chicken enchilada mix, ready to go into the shells, but not yet. It’s ready for the next potluck at work. Slap it in the tortillas, add more sauce, cheese, and bake it. The bone soup is cooking down on the stove.

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