I had a good weekend, made a huge batch of Meyer lemon marmalade, 12 cups, plus three 4 ozs, light color, good batch. 5 pounds to begin with. I worked on the U-bass finish, finally got a good coat I was happy with, but then.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe front looked great, finally smooth after all the struggles with shellac.  The back and sides looked great too. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen I pulled the bridge tape and a big chunk of lacquer finish peeled back on the sound board under the bridge, damn. I cut it loose with the knife, but will need to refinish it yet again.  I don’t like shellac.

Meanwhile, much got done on the soprano uke. The back got signed in pencil and glued on. I carved it to size with my tiny sharp Swiss army knife, then sanded it to flush. I refilled two fret slots I didn’t like with super glue and sawdust, resawn with a solid clamp squared first, much better. I also set up and sawed the last high 12th fret. All the frets installed cut to length and gently hammered solid into place, then filed flush to the neck and lightly chamfered on the edge, sanded smooth. I laid out the tuning peg holes, small pilot holes drilled and re drilled 1/4 inch to size from both sides to prevent tear out. Sanded and looking good. The peg covers will hide the tiny flaws.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAReady for a bridge and nut, and a simpler lacquer finish. This one shall be a fine copy of the Kamaka dimensions, not as perfect, but hopefully pretty good. I changed the head form shape to my liking and plan to burn my logo old English ‘D’ into the top.

Good times.

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