An interesting day, I’ve been tinkering with ukuleles and cooking.
There is a potluck this week at work so I brined a 7 pound chicken yesterday. Today I roasted it in the oven, heated the house and cooked the bird. Picked, oiled and string trussed, baked at 375 F until it registered 165 on the thermometer. Cooled while I went to town for more sandpaper and a can of lacquer.
This bass ukulele is proving to be a problem, the shellac finish is not working. It’s  gumming up and rolling when I sand it. The front has too many parts and the angles won’t cooperate to shine. The sides don’t firm up in the cold and finger prints happen even in dried surfaces. I’m sanding the face and have bought a can of lacquer to change the finish. It’s raining so I can’t apply it today, next week.
Meanwhile the soprano I’ve been working on from Uncle Bob’s Mom’s pattern is coming along nicely. Two frets I hand cut were off, so I filled them with fillets, super glue and saw dust. I re cut them with a clamped guide, should be good now. As the frets are going in directly to the neck without a separate fret board this is a new challenge, I’m getting it.
Yesterday I cut the sound hole. I wedged the sides into the neck with small pieces. Today I glued the sound board to the glued up body flat on my bench jig. I put in a couple frets but stopped so the neck would be straight for the sound board. It’s drying.
I’ve been practicing “Five Foot Two”, I’m getting it but need to practice the chord changes to smooth.
Good times.

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