Friend Tom’s tablet front panel came in today. I had some trouble figuring out where the back cover came off and dinged it a bit, but I got it and have replaced the screen. everything works fine.
I also worked on a soprano ukulele the same size as the Kamaka my Uncle Bob gave me. I cut the sides gap a little wider than I should have, I’ll need to make up for it with the lower neck width button in the back. I could just move the sides in a little, less wide at the upper bout, easiest fix.
So I also bent one of the liners using the hot lamp, it fits well to be glued. And glued up a flat mahogany piece for the back.
I put some more shellac on the bass ukulele, especially the front as that needs the most work. It’s a slow process, sanding in between coats, but it’s getting there. I want it to be right.
More tomorrow and a trip to the boat Frolic as I have a birthday party to attend at the yacht club under the GG bridge.

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