I like the new job. I’m working on rotary valves used for liquid chromatography, technical stuff I enjoy. I can do this.
I registered my newish Honda car, runs great, a new timing belt next week.
On the home front, I’m making Christmas gifts I can’t post as it would give away Santa’s secrets. This has taken up my time but they’re mostly done. The third tenor ukulele is nearly finished in lacquer while the bass ukulele is ready to begin finishing. I’m going to use shellac on this one, French polish, something new to me. I’ve taped the fret board and bridge ready to begin the process. A trip to Harry’s Bosworth Mercantile scored some cheese cloth lint free at half price closing sale I’ll use to apply the shellac. Not yet as the lemons don’t need shellac.
I chopped up three pounds of Trader Joe’s Meyer lemons to  make a batch of marmalade tomorrow. And a batch of chicken noodle soup done for lunches. Life is good.

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