Fun day today, laundry in, to town for coffee and supplies. Back home, I cooked up a batch of cordon bleu chicken with German TJ ham, Swiss cheese, garden thyme and thin breast meat rolled and breaded, baked at 350. Yummy stuff, one now and a couple for later.
In the process, I tried measuring the temperature of the meat, not right. a different thermometer read better. Hmm, I boiled a pan of water and calibrated the two thermometers to close to 212 degrees. Ready now for turkeys.
OK, meanwhile I gathered the spatula, tongs, grill fork and apron I’ll need for the turkey cook off coming up. I prepared 4 skewers and cotton string to truss the birds. I gathered the hickory chips and foil to make packets for the gas or charcoal grill, plenty. Hmm, just checked, I’m low on gin, I’ll need to get some cheap Admiral Joseph’s from TJ’s. A few tiny heads of garlic to make up for a regular one. We can mix them as it’s a taste of Dad’s garlic strain. Olive oil in a jar, all in a Cole’s hardware bag. Umbrella just in case, I think I’m ready.
Ukuleles, I finished carving out the last two mother of pearl slashes for the old English ‘D’ that is my logo on the tenor uke head stock. I sanded some scrap mahogany with a paper envelope to catch the dust and mixed that with 5 minute Epoxy in a couple batches. Fitted in to dry at least overnight.
I installed the last two frets in the bass uke, then installed the electronics, split the first screw hole, super glued and drilled the rest first. The tuner equalizer on top, the jack and battery below, with the piezo pickup under the bridge and plugged in to the EQ. Tied down.
They are looking so good.
Next steps glue the bass back and sand it. Bring the tenor inlay down to smooth, tape and lacquer it, polish to shine. Stringing the tenor should complete it. The bass will need finishing too. Nearly done.
Perhaps I can finish them over the Tday weekend. Best not rush it though.

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