I got some things done on the ukulele builds today. I glued down the bass bridge by stacking pieces of scrap wood cut to fit the x rib and stacked up, flipped down with a leveling piece on the bridge and a heavy weight. As it dried I clamped the fret board on and drilled a couple small holes for pins to keep the fret board from sliding. Then glued and clamped it into place, moving the weight to secure the fret board to the sound board.
Tenor 3, after finally getting the pearl inlays to stick to the head stock using the Duco cement, I removed the scotch tape and drew a line around each piece. They came off easily. Using the Dremel/Foredom router attachment with a small bit I routed out just a little of the seven pieces. This is challenging stuff, better I do it by hand with an Exacto blade.
About then Joe showed up. We checked out the wrecked truck, how to remove the back bumper, maybe bend the metal back enough to change the driver tire spare so it will move. It starts, but the radiator is blown, coolant short term.
Joe wants to turn a mouthpiece for his bagpipe, we set it up on the lathe in maple and take a few passes. More to do next week as we need to go get the rental car.
We got it at the airport, parted ways as I drove home, with a brief stop at Safeway for supplies.
I drilled the bass string holes and pickup through with weights on the sound board. With the fret board attached, I sanded the neck of the bass down to flush, curving the neck back and finding it comfortable. Smoothed with a couple pages of finer grit sandpaper. Touch up sanding on the sides, it’s ready for the electronics to be installed. I’ll need to tape them and install the back sanded flush. Tape the fret board, bridge and lacquer it.
It’s a slow process but nearing completion.

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