I wrecked my truck yesterday on the way to work, hit water hydroplaned, spun 95 degrees when I hit the guard rail, stopped in the middle lane facing traffic. The guy behind me put on his 4 ways and directed traffic as I called 911 from the side of the road wet. Fire truck arrived and let me sit in the cab until the tow truck arrived. The fireman started and drove it out of the road, wow. Towed home. Scary, really scary. I’m OK, my neck is a little sore today on the right muscle, but I’m OK. The truck is totaled.
I worked on two ukuleles today, just a little. I cut out a mother of pearl old English ‘D’ for the head stock of the tenor as it looks best there on the dark mahogany. I have several more blanks to cut from an Amazon order. I should do another one for the bass. I laid out the pieces on scotch tape, then glued them with Duco cement, wimpy stuff not as strong as the tape adhesive. Finally in place ready to draw a line with a sharpened mechanical pencil and Dremel rout out to the line to inlay into place.
I also laid out the bridge string holes for the U-bass using Wayne’s spreadsheet to calculate the locations. I drilled the holes a few thousandths larger than the strings and chamfered the edge after pre-drilling a small starter hole. I sanded the bridge smooth to 600 grit shiny, masking taped into position ready to glue to the sound board.
Homemade corned beef hash with one egg over for brunch made the day. Red potato, Steve’s small onion, corned beef chopped perfect. Butter fried egg, so good. It’s good to be alive.

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