I did get a lot done on the ukuleles today, my obsession lately.
I went to the Farmers Market this morning, pineapple guavas are on, a  small purple cabbage, mushrooms, zucchini, carrots and a tiny melon. I didn’t get around to cooking yet, mañana. Bone broth beef stew instead from last time.
I sanded the glued yesterday fret board to fit the neck on the T3 tenor ukulele, then reshaped the neck with course sandpaper down to 220 grit smooth for now. I added the last two frets, left off for location pins while gluing the fret board, then sanded them in. Set up the back for clamps, then glued the back into place, a big step nearing completion. There are still plenty of details to get it right, sanding in the back flush, drill and glue the bridge and nut down, the finish, pegs and strings.
On to the bass, not as far along as it’s more complicated. I marked the back where the the new ribs hold it in place in pencil, and ground the excess off using the drum sander but leaving enough to remove any burns or chips by hand. It fits close. The soft fir top is glued yesterday, so I sanded it closer with course 50 grit, careful not to scratch the sides, then finished it in with 120 grit to flush, touching up with 220 grit as the sun was setting.
I still need to install the X-ribs on the bass top, drill the bridge for string size and location, install and fit the fret board plus two pinned frets, bridge with pickups under the saddle, electrics, then the back, flush and finish it.
As I have new pearl slabs, I may cut out some inlays for the head stocks, an old English ‘D’ I use for my signature. Plenty more to do.

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