Today I worked on the bass ukulele mostly after a trip to the farmers market. I cut some soup bone into a nut for the bass, had to cut two as the first one was too short, maybe use it on the tenor. Polished to 600 grit fine, looking shiny. I also shaped the rosewood fret board down to proper width and polish sanded it as well. Yesterday I cut the holes in the bass sides to fit in the electronic equalizer and jack/battery holder, ready to mount. Also the X ribs for the top are ready to glue, shown with the bridge inside.
Today I sanded the sides smooth with 220 grit, removing the ripples from the surfacer. I still have to glue the neck, top and bottom together, so will wait for final polish sanding. I did prepare the clamps to glue the neck to the sides for tomorrow and polished the tenor fret board.
Hungry, I made a batch of beef stew using the bone broth jello, cooked the beef long time simmered to tender with a dash of wine. Potatoes, carrots, celery, green beans and zucchini for veggies. Thickened with flour, served with half a panacia, excellent with two more bucket lunches.

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