Today I got quite a lot done on the boat. I finished minor sanding of the cockpit and added more calk. I went over the port side of the boat and the cabin top with a putty knife and scraper to loosen all the loose chips. I removed serious chunks of calk and replaced it with new. I vacuumed all the stuff up after placing the big chunks in a garbage bag, all deposited in the yard’s paint disposal bin.  The cockpit has been totally filled with Spackle and prepped. I painted everything with Zinsser oil based primer, heavy in the cockpit. I also got major parts of the cabin top and side calked and primed including the worst parts of the deck. A serious overhaul in process. The crane was busy today but I am ready for a free airlift to remove the back stay from the top of the mast for replacement. Looking forward to the view. Today is my last day off from the fire, back to work tomorrow. The fire has kept us on edge, not easy. But much done.

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