A good day today, I worked on the boat. Yesterday I spackled the cockpit, today I sanded it out smooth. Also yesterday the hatch sill gave way to rot, not good, I took the pieces home and rebuilt them in mahogany from another boat salvaged a few years ago. It fits well enough with a couple whittles for clearance, screwed in tight. Good fit, solid again. Sanded and caulked, ready for primer tomorrow. Tomorrow is my last fire day off, back to work Wednesday. The harbor master Matt said he can raise me up to the top of the mast in a bosun’s chair for free using the crane so I can take down the back stay. It has a broken wire, I need to replace it. I have secured the main halyard with the sheet extension to hold for the time being while the stay is rebuilt by Svenson’s yacht works, good riggers. Should be a fun ride up.
The ukulele’s are on hold for the boat works, though I really want to work on them, but this window of opportunity can’t be passed up.

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