Another productive weekend. I made a large batch of potato salad, home made coleslaw and charcoal grilled BBQ chicken for Tuesday lunch with the gang. It’ll be good. I also cooked a small batch of chicken veggie noodle soup, two lunch buckets. Last weeks spaghetti sauce should round out the lunch week.
I worked on the bass ukulele. Quite a bit got done. Before I can attach the side linings, I need to get the neck formed. I worked on that most of the day yesterday, first cutting the rough form on the bandsaw, grinding the shape with the small drum sander in the drill clamped in the vice. A bit of lapidary sanding, rasp and draw knife work,  then hand sanding with sandpaper. It’s looking good.
I also worked on cutting mahogany sides for another tenor uke, 6 mm plus wide, then pushed them through the surface sander to get them to 2 mm thickness, took time.
A quick cut on the table saw thin kerf blade with a scrap piece and the sides fit perfectly. I rough cut out a neck of mahogany, cut the angled scarf joint. Using the new hand power planer, the scarf joint was smooth and ready to glue in just a few passes, what a tool.
The bass fret board is coming along, first cuts in the square jig, still needs cutting to depth with the attachment. With the bass neck heel about right, I started gluing the first lining into place, using the mold to get it right.
I trimmed the tenor 3 (here after T3) neck to length after the top of the head was trimmed down to match the plan head length and sanded flat. I cut the Spanish heel length at 3/4″ past the planned position where the body meets the neck. I cut another piece of mahogany to complete the heel, glued up, keeping the grains in the same orientation.
When it was dry I pushed it through the table saw to cut the side slots. After the side slots were cut, I glued on the head extensions to fill in the width of the head.
It’s hot, but it’s getting done.

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