A good weekend. It was hot here, so I worked Saturday afternoon to dodge the heat and bank a little. I still hit the farmers market before work. Good to see the folks.
Sunday I cooked mostly, and worked on the bass uke while dodging too many wasps. The fret board is cut in, still needs deepening with the depth gauge. One fret is off, I glued it filled with epoxy.  Chicken soup, a set of smoked salmon sushi. I found a wasp nest in the evening, foamed out.
I picked a bunch more fruit this morning, pears mostly and some Granny Smith apples are coming ripe.
Today I made a batch of spaghetti sauce and noodles for the lunch gang.
I worked early on the bass uke, the neck cut to shape and rough sanded, moved the off fret cut again, hoping for the best. It’s looking really good.
The boat needs attention, the electrics are down due to a rat biting the charger line. I replaced the plug, also fixed the back hatch. She needs a lot of work and smells bad like rat. More to deal with. The pump is back on line.
On my way I stopped at Trader Joe’s. Standing in line, Margit, 35 years ago Earth Church housemate reconnects, wow. that’s very cool in a big world.
It’s cooler now, a fine weekend.

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