I had a productive weekend. It’s not as hot as it has been. Yesterday I made chicken soup and beef stew for lunches, a couple buckets each. I also made a batch of bread and butter pickles with Farmers Market Steve’s cucumbers and onions. I got six pint jars and a four ounce, plus enough for a couple sandwiches.
I soldered up a wire harness for the electric Lark wheel chair cart at work using the Anderson connectors I ordered. Today I soldered in the charger and taped it secure. It works, ready to go with a new charge system for whoever needs it.
This morning I finished processing the pickles, a fine batch. I also made a loaf of banana banana bread (Allrecipes) with five bananas and some toasted pecans should be good for tomorrow morning. Somehow having something to offer makes Mondays easier to face.
Wayne has some thicker fret wires to try to get the 2 tenor ukulele to function better on the first nut fret. I’m bringing it in for measurements. It’s warped and buzzing out.
I got a lot done on the bass uke sides, yesterday I bent the first side. It wouldn’t fit the molds together, too thick, so I clamped it with everything I had. It dried alright, though it got stained on the waist with burnt. I was able to sand it all off this morning.
Today I bent the other side, cleaning the hot lamp tube helped keep it from discoloring as much. I cut down the inside mold before I started, using the band saw and sanding on the lapidary. The new piece fits. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
After that I bent the linings, with some difficulty as they break easily. I got four bent to fit but will need to glue the breaks together. The hot tube lamp is a wonderful tool. You lay the wood on and wait, then it bends when it gets hot. Fascinating.
Another fine weekend.

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