It’s Hot, my thermometer reads 105 F and I know it’s off on the low side. I got a lot done anyway. I woke up early and watched ‘Moana’ on Netflix, that’s a fun movie. Sipped yesterdays cold coffee. I really liked the closing song by Alessia Cara, good singer.
While it was still cool I made a Trader Joe Banana bread mix, adding one more ripe banana. It turned out OK but it fell in the middle. It’ll still taste good tomorrow at work.
To town for a light bulb just to get out, and Goodwill had nothing but cool air.
Home, I made some spaghetti sauce, a small batch. I cooked up the ten TJ ravioli Bolognese, sauce, five ravioli, mozzarella cheese, provolone, sauce, more mozzarella, Parmesan/Romano, two buckets, Ravioli Lasagna. One in the freezer, one fridged, with a small batch of sauce frozen.
Next up chicken thighs Sate’ style, marinade of soy sauce, powdered ginger, powdered garlic, five spice, coriander, olive oil. fried in a pan to keep the heat down. I should have watered it, pretty salty, rinsed it, OK, still tasty. A batch of rice and some steamed green beans, butter on each. Two buckets, lunches. I’ll eat well.
I need to get the second Ukulele done soon. I looked most everywhere except where the nut is, made another one of bone. I sanded it to super fine 15000 shiny. As it’s 36 mm, 3 mm on each side, 10 mm per string works out close enough for four strings. It should be calculated for string width and all, but this works quick, it’s a ukulele. I sanded the back with 320 grit to loose the scratches, tack ragged it clean and applied another coat of lacquer. I shouldn’t have, but it’s baking hot.
Half an hour later, tape off, I’m gluing in the nut with white glue. As that dries I add in the tuning pegs with awl and screws. I find the strings and install them, tying each to the next and winding them with one fret slack.
There is another problem, the neck is bowed back just a little. I wish I had a truss rod to adjust. OK, I’ll need to raise the bridge, I cut one piece of bone and another one to get it right. The second fret on the A string is still buzzing out, filed down, still not great. I’ll need to work on it later.
I tuned it way up to in tune with a serious fight to get it there. The new tuning is slipping fast, as expected. She’ll be alright, coming in to tune. My second ukulele, rushed a bit with too many errors. Such is the fate of the second, what can go wrong will. A serious learning curve. But it’s nearly done.
I’m hoping the bass uke will learn by these mistakes, I’ll take my time. I cut out the paper pattern for the head stock, just a little over the line.
Laundry folded, a very hot day, more than most, I’m OK.

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